Our Custom Shutter Company + Your Design & Building Business = Beautiful Homes in Gainesville

We’ve partnered with hundreds of builders and designers to bring exceptional window treatments to their customers all over the country. If you’re building or designing a home or a commercial location in Gainesville, we are more than willing to help you bring first-grade, custom shutters to your clients.

Where Has Sunburst Shutters Installed Window Treatments in Gainesville?

We’ve crafted and installed custom shutters in Gainesville since 1991. Our window treatments cover residential and commercial spaces alike – from conference rooms to churches, from lavish mansions to modest apartments and cabins. We have yet to encounter a window we couldn’t shutter – no matter where it is: universities, medical buildings, offices, restaurants, casinos, or houseboats.

Can We Furnish You with Window Treatments without Installing Them?

Absolutely. While we prefer to take care of installation for our builder and designer customers, we can design and make your customer’s shutters based on the window's exact measurements and specifications of materials and colors. We custom design the window treatments to fit their windows perfectly. And we furnish them to you ready to be mounted.

Does Sunburst Shutters Have a White Glove Service?

We do! We design, build, and install our shutters fully complete and ready for your customers to operate. Our design and installation professionals offer you a full turnkey service so you don’t lose sleep over the details. We’ll guide you through all the steps in picking the right window shutters – from the louver size to the color, and all that’s in between.

What Warranty Is Available on Shutter Products?

We provide your customers in Gainesville a lifetime warranty on our Polywood® plantation shutters and a warranty on our Ovation® wood shutters. Learn more about our shutter warranties

Are Our Shutters Energy Efficient?

Our Polywood shutters, with their cutting-edge insulation system, are the perfect shutter for Gainesville – if not America. Actually, they insulate up to 70% better than a similar wood shutter. Your customer will appreciate the savings on their power bills. Learn more about our energy-efficient shutters

What Do Our Previous Customers Say About Us?

Find out for yourself! Here’s a sample of our customer reviews

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