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How Can A Window Treatment Save You Money On Your Home In Gainesville?

December 14, 2023

Smart homeowners are always trying to find ways to put money back in their bank accounts. One choice that will help you save money on your home in Gainesville is Polywood® shutters. These dazzling window treatments look wonderful on all sorts of windows but have money-saving perks as well. They provide your windows with unrivaled energy efficiency to lower energy costs and make you eligible for a valuable energy tax credit. They also hold up longer than other alternatives, giving you the most value for your money. 

Reduce Energy Costs With Energy-efficient Polywood Shutters

Polywood shutters on a sliding door and window in a dining room

A great deal of indoor air seeps through your windows each year. This makes your heating and cooling system to run longer to maintain your home’s comfort levels. It’s like throwing money away.

Instead, you can order energy-efficient Polywood shutters. Their heavy-duty material keeps air within your interior more effectively than any other window treatment. They also block UV rays that raise your home's temperature throughout the summertime. Polywood shutters prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer from your windows. You can even place Polywood shutters on sliding patio doors. They help maintain stable comfort levels, saving you money on energy expenses throughout the year.

Become Eligible For The Energy Tax Credit With Sunburst’s Polywood Shutters

Do you know you can get a federal tax credit with special types of window treatments? You can with Polywood shutters! The government provides an energy tax credit to residents who make approved environmentally-friendly home enhancements. Polywood shutters are the only type of shutter approved for the latest energy tax credit. Get Polywood shutters in your home this year, and you could earn a credit of up to $1200 toward taxes due. This is an incredible opportunity to save money on your home in Gainesville. 

Save Money On Your Gainesville Home With Durable Polywood Shutters 

Polywood shutters over a kitchen sink

Choosing enduring fixtures like Polywood shutters is an additional way to save money on your home in Gainesville. Even the best premium blinds and window shades don’t last as long as Polywood shutters. Their sturdy fabrication makes them impervious to elements that cause many other window treatments to tear, snap, or fail completely. They even survive in damp bathrooms and greasy kitchens.

Polywood shutters last for decades, beautifying your home for years on end. Their time-honored look and white finish complement every trend in home decor, so you’ll never need to fret about them looking dated. After getting Polywood shutters for your window, you won’t spend another dime addressing that window again.

Ask Sunburst About Polywood Shutters And Let the Savings Begin

Want to learn more about how Polywood shutters can help you save money on your Gainesville home? Call Sunburst Shutters Gainesville now. One of our window treatment specialists will come to your house to present how our functional plantation shutters will work on your windows. Dial 813-602-5966 or send in the following form to request your free in-home consultation.