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Plantation shutters in a bedroom

The Best Choice To Help Black Out Your Windows In Gainesville

June 16, 2021

Off-the-shelf “blackout” window treatments claim they block all light, which keeps your room insulated, private, and dark. The problem is, they aren’t perfectly sized for your exact window measurements as light intrudes at the sides. Alternatively, try custom roller shades or interior shutters to black out windows in Gainesville. Custom roller shades are opaque and will be made for a precise fit to prevent light from entering, while interior shutters provide superior insulation.

Blackout roller shades in a bedroom

Made-to-Order Roller Shades Block Exterior Light

If you want to black out windows in Gainesville for darkness or privacy, install made-to-order room-darkening roller shades. This popular window treatment can be created with a thick material that’s opaque to prevent all sunlight from invading the space.  If you get a custom window covering, your window treatment rep will record your exact window dimensions and ensure the new treatments are exactly right for your window size so that there is little to no gapping. When lowering the treatments, they will totally cover the window glass and won’t leave any space for sunlight to peek through.

Upgrading to custom room darkening roller shades will also improve your home’s insulation ability. A tick material and perfect fit are perfect at covering up the sun’s heat and night’s chill. Your home will be a bit toastier in winter and more tolerable during hotter months with your new roller shades, and you are likely to see less expenses on utility bills.

your room darkening shades look good too. The word “blackout” doesn’t apply to the color of the shade. These effective coverings are available in colors ranging from black to white in many attractive styles and patterns. Room darkening fabric is heavy enough to block out the light. Blackout roller shades are an attractive means to keep out sunlight if you need dark for bedtime, a movie, or to maintain the desired comfort levels.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Polywood Shutters Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Many homeowners are interested in enhancing their window treatments in Gainesville to improve efficiency. Preventing UV rays and chilly drafts that enters at your windows keeps your house comfortable and energy costs low. Blackout blinds and window shades that are crafted with dense, heavier materials may improve efficiency, but faux wood shutters typically work better. They have patented weatherstripping on all sides that provides more effective insulation than other window treatments. When closing your sturdy interior shutters, this proven insulation ability wards off hot and cold patches coming from your windows. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, while your home maintains consistent comfort levels without increasing your energy expenses.

Faux wood shutters also keep out most light. They can’t get tangled with a little nudge or bump like shades, drapes, and blinds due to their solid construction. The shutter panels are custom-made to fit snugly over your windows. They leave minimal gaps at the bottom or sides for sunlight to peek through like you get with store-bought blinds and window shades. The slats are also crafted to secure snugly against each other and allow the faintest glimmer of light after they’re closed.

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