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Dormer window with white Polywood shutters in a small and pink-styled attic room.

How To Pick Window Treatments For Dormer Windows In Gainesville?

October 27, 2022

Dormer windows are a distinctive feature of your home. They add aesthetic appeal while also delivering sunlight into the upper reaches of your home. Numerous dormers are connected to a loft or possibly a guest room. Others might just connect to a seldom used attic space. Selecting the proper window treatments for dormer windows is based on how you utilize your space.

Although the choice is completely yours to make, you should give thought to plantation shutters and roller shades for these reasons.

Louvered Shutters Are An Ideal Option for Dormers

Dormer window with white Polywood shutters. Inside an attic room. 

Do your dormer windows lead into open storage? Are you thinking about converting the space into your own home gym or study area? Regardless, Polywood® plantation shutters make an excellent selection for dormer windows. Consider these benefits:
  • Polywood shutters deliver unsurpassed efficiency due to a patented weatherstripping that produces a tight seal along the edges. In a generally draftier area, you will be happy to have the more constant temps and the lower energy bills.
  • Louvered shutters may be fitted to various shapes and sizes. Dormer windows can differ considerably. While numerous types could be a traditional window, many are arched at the top, circles, or have sharp slants.
  • If you want optimal command over natural light, interior shutters are a superb option. You may swing out the panels totally for full light or adjust the louvers to get the right level of illumination and seclusion.
  • A distinctive type of window deserves a similarly alluring window treatment. The time-tested white finish of Polywood shutters blends perfectly with all types of architecture and interior design. An interior shutter looks great both within and from the exterior of your house.

Louvered shutters make sense for a variety of reasons but you have additional choices to consider.

Choose Roller Shades For Dormer Windows in Gainesville

brown print of roller shade on a small window
Stylish and adaptable, Roller shades are smart window treatments for dormer windows. They come in various colors, patterns, and opacities. You can use them to fit any type of color scheme or design. When your dormer sheds light into a bedroom, you’ll likely need to install a light-blocking roller shade to help you snooze.

In some cases, the space leading to the dormer could be just right for a dresser or desk. Considering that, a low-profile shade or customized shutter will fit nicely. If you want to add a little extra operability, pick a roller shade with handy, remote motorized movement.

Find The Ideal Window Treatment For Your Dormer Window In Gainesville

Control the sunshine in your loft or bring a new level of efficiency to your home’s upper reaches with the best window treatments for your dormer windows in Gainesville. At Sunburst Shutters Gainesville, we have excellent options for every kind of window in your house. Give us a call at 813-602-5966 or fill out the form below to arrange your free on-site appointment.