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How To Install Window Blinds In Gainesville

June 13, 2024

Many Gainesville families turn to window blinds when they need more privacy and management over natural light in their properties. They’re a functional and cost-effective window treatment. They also need just a handful of steps to place for skilled DIYers. But, nothing is better than hiring a professional window treatment installer. Here are the basics of installing window blinds and when to phone the experts to do it for you.

Get Exact Measurements

Wood blinds on two bathroom windows

Prior to starting, determine if you should get outside-mount or inside-mount blinds. This critical bit of info will tell you where to measure. Get measurements of the width, depth, and height within your frame for inside-mount installations. For outside-mount blinds, measure the width and height of your window, which includes the trim, and add three inches to every measurement to make sure you get proper coverage. Measure precisely–don’t round up or down. Ill-fitting blinds will not work smoothly.

Order Your Blinds

Once you know your measurements, you can choose your blinds. You might already know what style of blinds you would like. Get blinds that are as near to your measurements as possible. Ready-made blinds may not fit precisely, either jutting out too far or not meeting the end of the window properly. Ensure you have fasteners that permit you to attach the blinds at the right depth, also. You should order custom-made blinds and hardware for the best fit.

Install Your Window Blinds

Close-up view of inside-mount wood blinds

Your blinds may come with instructions. Adhere to them to install your specific product. If you wish to have a glimpse of how hard it is to install window blinds in Gainesville, here are some general steps to give you a general idea.


Inside Mount Blinds


  1. Affix a bracket at the top of the window frame approximately an inch from the side. Ensure this placement won’t hinder the blind’s function. Mark the bracket holes with a pencil.
  2. Drill pilot holes in the proper spots.
  3. Line up the bracket holes with your pilot holes and fasten with screws.
  4. Duplicate the opening three steps for the second bracket.
  5. Snap the end caps onto the headrail. Slide the headrail into the brackets.

Connect the tilt wand and try it out. Also, evaluate the pull cord.

Outside Mount Blinds

  1. Decide if you’re installing on the wall around the window or the window’s trim. Hold the headrail in place and ensure the blind extends to the lower edges of the window.
  2. Mark the outer edges of the headrail.
  3. Measure four inches from each headrail mark and mark here for the screws.
  4. Drill pilot holes as indicated.
  5. Align the bracket holes with the pilot holes and fasten with screws.
  6. Position the headrail into the brackets.

Attach the tilt wand and try out everything to ensure it works.

Pick The Easiest Way To Install Blinds 

Brown faux wood blinds in a white dining room

Just a reminder, you aren’t required to install blinds yourself. The easiest way to install window blinds in Gainesville is to hire a professional window treatment installer. They will guide you every step of the way. They’ll help you find blinds that accommodate your requirements, make precise measurements for a custom-made product, and attach them for you. They guide customers every day, so they’ll complete your project quickly and accurately. They will diagnose any challenges without spending hours trying to find help online. A window treatment expert will also offer higher-quality blinds than large retail outlets or online marketplaces.

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