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The Pros And Cons Of White Window Treatments In Gainesville

February 08, 2022

One of the initial things others notice about your window coverings is their color and if it matches the room overall. Many homeowners prefer white window treatments because it works with so much. But sometimes, white can also look bland or stain easily. In the future when you need to cover your windows, consider these pros and cons of white window treatments in Gainesville and try our tips for using them in your home’s interior design.

The Pros Of White Window Coverings

White roller shades with scalloped edge in a colorful dining room. 

Many people say you can’t go wrong with white window coverings because they look nice with every type of decor. White is clean and fresh. It blends in with other neutral colors and gives you an attractive contrast with darker shades. White reflects light as well. White window covers can help an otherwise small, dim room look more spacious and bright.

Like all window treatments, white window treatments in Gainesville receive a lot of direct sunlight. Yet white doesn’t fade the way darker colors do, especially if you pick window treatments with UV protection. Most window treatment types have a white option, so whether you want beautiful louvered shutters or sleek roller shades, you’ll find them in many white hues to suit your needs.

The Disadvantages Of White Window Treatments

Of course, white window treatments have their downsides too. Usually, window treatments help a room feel cozy, but if there’s a lot of white in a room already, white window treatments might make it seem stark and uninviting. White also gets boring if you put it with several other neutral colors. If your room is very plain with little architectural detail or color, you don’t want to make it look more bland with an excess of white. Finally, white window treatments show dirt and grime very easily—which is simple to remove on a shutter but not so easy on fabric window treatments. White fabric window treatments like shades and curtains can discolor over time, as well.

How To Use White Window Treatments In Gainesville

White polywood shutters in a corner of a modern living room. 

In spite of their minor disadvantages, you’ll probably have no issues with white window treatments in Gainesville. Sometimes you simply need the correct kind of white window treatments. For example, instead of curtains or fabric shades that stain or turn yellow, opt for white Polywood® shutters. These louvered shutters are made from a solid wood substitute and coated with a finish that withstands water damage and UV rays. They don’t become yellow and are very easy to clean and dust.

Polywood shutters can resolve many problems with how white window treatments fit into your decor too. The unique texture of their louvers makes them architecturally interesting, so they never appear boring. And their pairing of neutral white and understated elegance makes them ideal for every type of decor.

A few other decor tips can help balance the amount of white in your home too. Paint the walls a bright or bold hue and create contrast with your favorite white window treatments and painted white trim. Or, if you like neutral paint better, incorporate color into your interior design with accents like rugs, lamps, and furniture to make the space cozy and cheerful.

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