The Newest Window Treatment Trends In Gainesville

Eric Ramsey

2016 is in full swing. And Floridians are ready to redecorate their homes, starting with the windows. Want to know what the hottest window treatment trends are? We have the scoop on the trendiest window treatments this year.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

The weathered look of reclaimed wood is one we all fell in love with - from the Hippodrome State Theatre to Seagle Building. It gives us a sense of calm, takes us back to nature, and connects us with history. And there are various ways to decorate the room with it. 2016 marks the first year you can have a window treatment made from reclaimed wood!

Newest Window Treatment Trends In Gainesville: Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Sunburst Shutters Gainesville has brought reclaimed wood shutters to Gainesville after years of research and development. Our partnership with Stikwood means that these exclusive wood shutters incorporate the beauty of the outdoors with the functionality of a plantation shutter. And the outcome is a piece of art that enhances the entire room.

The curvature of the wooden louvers reflects decades spent outside as part of a barn, building, or fence. The marks, holes, and knots are hallmarks of reclaimed wood, making this window treatment so enchanting to homeowners in Gainesville. And just like other plantation shutter products from Sunburst, reclaimed wood shutters are built with functionality in mind, with louvers that can tilted to control for view and light.

Sliding Barn Doors

When you think of barn doors, you might picture them in place of a traditional door. But this year’s trend of installing them on windows will make you look at them in a whole new way. A window treatment that makes a stunning statement and easily glides across the window...what’s not to adore about sliding barn doors?

Newest Window Treatment Trends In Gainesville: Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Go for a modern look with a Shaker style three-panel barn door with snow white paint, accentuated with mini top-mount ultra modern hardware. For a more industrial sliding barn door, select a standard stile and rail barn door, a fruitwood stain, and mini industrial hardware. Combining different hardware, styles, and colors gives you the particular look you want.

Sliding barn doors are more than just a pretty window treatment. They’re durable and sturdy. They can handle all the times you slide them open and closed. The allure of this window treatment lies in the beauty of the barn door panels as they cover the window when closed and frame the view when opened.

And did we mention? You can match the barn doors on your windows to the barn door in the doorway. This allows you to easily complement the décor in any room.

Custom Color Shutters

Custom Paint Your Polywood Plantation Shutters In Gainesville 

If you’ve always wanted plantation shutters in colors other than white, this year is your year. Our Polywood® shutter is available in hundreds of paint colors. If you need robin egg blue, we can paint your shutters to match it. If you like the brightness of yellow, that’s no problem. Our Polywood custom paint program includes hundreds of hues of yellow, beige, blue, gray, and more to choose from. Matching the shutter’s color to the room’s décor is easier than ever before!

Where To Get These Window Treatment Trends In Gainesville, FL

Window treatment trends come and go. Quality window treatment products installed to custom fit your windows don’t. In Gainesville, Sunburst Shutters Gainesville is the only provider of certified reclaimed wood shutters. And no one else in town can install sliding barn doors on windows. Contact us at 813-602-5966 to schedule a free in-home consultation with our store manager, Eric Ramsey, and team today!