Ways You Can Cover Different Sized Windows In The Same Room In Gainesville

Eric Ramsey

Most rooms have typical rectangle windows that make it straightforward to get matching window treatments. But occasionally a space has mismatched shaped or sized windows that make buying window treatments harder. If you want to cover different sized windows in the same room in Gainesville, you can rely on identical styles, neutral colors, and layering to create uniformity. Or use distinct treatments to split up an area or to accentuate a unique window.

Polywood® shutters in a dining room.

Cover Different Sized Gainesville Windows In The Same Room With Matching Window Treatments

The ideal way to give a space’s ill-matched windows a harmonious aesthetic is by using a single style of window treatment on them. This design trick takes the focus off of their different sizes and achieves harmony in the room. To do this correctly, use a style of custom-made window treatments that works for all window sizes and shapes, like plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters have panels of stacked louvers made of wood or faux wood. In contrast to blinds and shades, you can have shutters custom-fitted to any window shape and still open and close them. Both faux wood Polywood® shutters and real wood shutters are strong enough to use in most rooms in your Gainesville house.

Window shades in a living room 

Help Mismatched Windows Blend In With Neutral Colored Treatments

Neutral-colored window treatments work better when you cover different sized/shaped windows in the same room in Gainesville. Neutrals like beige, browns, or white are tranquil and help unify awkward features. Neutral colored window treatments let windows blend into your decor so that their different sizes don’t stick out so much.

Neutral palettes present a lot of flexibility. You can use beige or white roller shades for a minimalist look. Or give a bit of sophistication to a formal room with gray or ivory Roman shades. And interior shutters with a natural wood or white color complement any type of decor.

Plantation shutters in a bedroom. 

Hide Inconsistently Sized Windows With Layered Window Treatments

You can also cover different sized windows in the same room with layered window treatments to hide their variations. If a room’s window sizes aren’t very different, install curtains at identical heights for each of them to create the illusion that your windows are the same.

Then layer the curtains on top of textured woven fiber shades or plantation shutters to give dimension to your windows and distract from their varying sizes.

Polywood® in a kitchen.

Show Off Windows Or Break Up A Room By Mixing Window Treatments

You might have scenarios when you don’t want uniform window treatments. If you have an open floor plan, you can use separate window treatments to assign specific areas. You might put up interior shutters to keep out sunlight where you watch television and beautiful Roman shades across the room by the dining table.

You may additionally want to spotlight a singular window, like a a bay or a bow window, with patterned shades that work with solid-colored shades in the remaining space. Or use custom-made shutters for a circular window that you don’t want to hide behind a blind or shade like you use on rectangle windows.

Discover Window Treatments For Any Window At Sunburst Shutters

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