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White Polywood shutters on large windows in a great room

What To Think About When Picking Great Room Window Treatments In Gainesville

November 09, 2023

Your great room is a big open area that serves many purposes. When searching for great room window treatments in Gainesville, whatever you select should be appropriate for how the area is used and the amount of light it gets. You’ll want treatments that are a cinch to adjust for darkness and light, help keep your room comfortable, are kid- and pet-friendly, and look fantastic with your room’s design. You’ll come across lots of great room window treatments for sale, from versatile Polywood® plantation shutters to an abundance of stylish window shades.

Choose Window Treatments That Let You Control Sunlight

White motorized shades on a wall of tall great room windows
Lots of things happen in your great room. In a 24-hour period, you might read a story, rest on the sectional, help your kids do homework, settle down with a movie, and more. Everything requires a different amount of sunlight, so you’ll want window treatments that are easy to adapt.

Popular Polywood interior shutters are uncomplicated to use and provide the most possibilities for controlling exterior light. Swing open the panels for complete daylight when you’re reading. Glare in your face? Shut the panels, but keep the louvers open and shift them to a point that directs light away from your eyes. For the perfect setting during movie night, close up the panels and louvers to block street lights. Even in the daytime, Polywood shutters keep out all but the slightest glow of light thanks to their impermeable material and quality construction.

Motorized window shades make blocking light simple. By pressing a button, you can lower motorized shades to remove glare from your TV screen without moving off your seat. Or, program your automated motorized shades to go up and welcome daylight and then automatically lower for privacy at night.

Keep Your Room Comfortable With Insulating Window Treatments

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

A great room is a large open area that may require a lot of energy to cool in summer and heat in winter. Give your HVAC system a break with by using insulating window treatments. They will block hot UV rays and cold drafts. You can choose energy-saving cellular shades to stop most temperature transfer. But keep in mind, Polywood shutters are the most energy-efficient great room window treatments in Gainesville. The shutter’s frame blocks sunlight and air from getting in along the border of your windows, and the louvers shut tightly to avoid temperature transfer on the warmest days and most frigid nights.

Enjoy Your Great Room Window Treatments Longer With Resilient Polywood

Polywood shutters on multiple windows in a sitting area

Because there’s so much activity in your great room, you need window treatments that can stand up to all types of wear and tear. Sturdy Polywood shutters aren’t susceptible to damage from moisture, temperature extremes, bugs, and sunlight. They won’t twist or break when rambunctious kids hit them. Animals can’t tug them to the floor. And even if your dog nibbles on a louver, it’s a breeze to request a replacement piece. Drapery and window shades just can’t compare in terms of resilience and longevity!

Blend Your Great Room Window Treatments With Your Decor

White Polywood shutters on windows behind a white sofa

Any feature you add to your home should go with your existing decor. This includes your great room window treatments. You can locate roller shades in an abundance of designs and colors. Or, coordinate wood interior shutters to wood features in your great room. You can also utilize versatile white Polywood shutters that effortlessly harmonize with all sorts of designs.

Turn To Sunburst For Great Room Window Treatments In Gainesville

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