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What's The Right Window Treatment For Casement Windows In Gainesville?

February 01, 2023

Many homeowners appreciate casement windows in light of their classic style and ability to open fully for impressive air circulation. These windows are known for being hinged on a single side and extend in or out when they are opened and closed. Additionally, they typically are not as large as a standard window.  They are practical and attractive, but it can be challenging to locate the appropriate window treatment for a casement window in Gainesville.

The positive news is this: there are possibilities that will work well for your residence. By installing an interior shutter or window shade, you can keep the uniqueness of your casement window and still enjoy privacy and control over exterior light.

What To Think About When Picking Casement Window Treatments In Gainesville

Two casement windows covered by plantation shutters in bathroom.

You don’t want to restrict the functionality or allure of your windows by choosing an unsuitable sort of covering. To find the most suitable casement window treatments, contemplate the following:

  • Window operation: How are your windows manipulated? Do they use a handle, crank, or lever? The right window treatment will offer easy access to this implement and let the window open and close effortlessly.
  • Depth of the window: Not all casements are identical, and you’ll have differing depths between the window pane and the wall. Various kinds of window treatments may not be right for the space.
  • Coverage and light control: You would like total window coverage but should also take advantage of the abundance of natural light and air circulation that casement windows provide. Pick something adaptable that opens without difficulty but won’t move in the breeze while still achieving your sought-after level of sunlight management.

Top Window Treatments For Casement Windows

Because casement windows can vary greatly with different opening mechanisms, hinge positions, and window depths, it’s typically most advantageous to get an in-home consultation for made-to-order window treatments to discover your perfect solution. Taking that into account, there are some suitable window treatments for casement windows in Gainesville. Here are a couple of great possibilities. 

Plantation Shutters For Casement Windows

Three casement windows covered by custom plantation shutters.

You simply won’t find a better option than plantation shutters for casement windows in Gainesville. They are great choices whether your window is hinged at the top, bottom, or on the side. Plantation shutters can even be modified to accommodate any operating system.

Installation is also versatile as you may install them within your window jamb or directly on the frame. Because interior shutters are solid, long-term installations, you will never need to stress about suspended fabric blowing in the wind or bumping into the frame or window. And you may choose from white Polywood® or wood shutters that are painted or stained to harmonize with your interior. 

Plantation shutters also deliver an unsurpassed combination of coverage and light management. Would you like to have a cool breeze moving but with lower levels of outside light? You got it! Just open your casement window, keep the panels of the plantation shutter secured, and then adjust the louvers to bring in air and your desired level of light. You’ll only achieve this type of control with plantation shutters for casement windows.

Treat Your Casement Windows With Cellular Shades

Blue chest of drawers inform of a casement window covered by neutral colored cellular shades

Cellular shades are another excellent window treatment choice for casement windows. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, making it easy to discover one that matches the look of your interior. A cellular shade also stays in place where you place the lift bar, avoiding the annoyance of your window treatment interfering with the opening device.

Cellular shades also help save energy. The honeycomb-like cavities of the shade trap air, decreasing heat loss and providing insulation to your casement window. This helps regulate the temperature in the area, keeping it consistent throughout the seasons and reducing cooling and heating costs.

Find Window Treatments For Casement Windows In Gainesville

Discover the right window treatment for your casement windows by speaking with the professionals at Sunburst Shutters Gainesville. We offer plantation shutters, shades, blinds and other options for you to select from. Call  813-602-5966 to request your free, in-home consultation, and we’ll demonstrate how our products look in your windows.