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Your Guide To Roman Window Shades In Gainesville

February 21, 2023

Interior design aficionados know that Roman window shades are a fashionable and appealing choice. Truthfully, they have always been used as a modern and elegant solution for designers seeking a cloth shade with unparalleled flexibility. They make sense for numerous areas and could be an excellent alternative for your residence too. Are you ready to learn why Roman window shades are so in demand in Gainesville?

What Exactly Are Roman Window Shades?

Tan Roman shades on large windows in a modern living room

How is a Roman window shade different from other types of window treatments? The answer lies in how the shade comes together as it is drawn up. These window coverings are made of a soft fabric that folds in even segments. This gives the shade a appealing, uniform appearance, no matter if it is drawn down fully, slightly opened, or drawn up completely. They provide a nice blend of volume and feel while serving as a stylish, more practical substitute to drapes.

A Style For Any Space

White top-down/bottom-up Roman shades in a home office.

The distinctive fold is a primary reason for the Roman window shade’s popularity in Gainesville and it can be found in various styles. Let’s take a look at each fold style:


  • Hobble/Soft Fold: Soft or hobble fold Roman shades are the most well-known style, utilizing slight folds that give the preferred waterfall-like cascading appearance.
  • Flat Fold: Flat fold Roman shades are precisely what you might imagine -- a single, flat section of material. This is perfect for showing off a pattern or if you want to incorporate a splash of color.
  • Batten Front: Battens, otherwise known as tunnels, are loops of fabric at the front of the shades. They are set where the shade folds and might contain components like a piece of wood as a design feature. This loop creates a special look distinct from other Roman window shades.
  • Batten Back: Batten back features fabric loops sewn to the back side of the shade. Although this might sound like it wouldn’t alter the outward form a lot, it provides a subtle look that may surprise you!


Pick From Corded, Cordless, And Motorized Options

Dark blue Roman shades on corner windows in a living room.

A great advantage of choosing a Roman window shade in Gainesville is how the cord is incorporated. In models with a cord, they are smartly connected behind the fabric, concealing it and keeping them safe for children. There are also cordless options that allow you to simply pull or push to draw up or down. Or get motorized shades that have become quite popular. With the press of a button, your shades are able to shift up or down however you wish.

Best Ways To Use Roman Window Shades in Your Gainesville Interior

Fabric construction is a common feature of the Roman window shade, affording virtually endless possibilities for customization. They may also be designed to fit any window size or shape. The fabric comes in a multitude of choices, giving you a wide range of transparencies for your preferred amount of light and privacy. You will even find a virtually unlimited offering of colors and designs to complement your interior. What you choose largely determines the final cost.

The use of fabric causes the shades to be not ideal for a high-humidity environment such as over a kitchen sink or in a bathroom. In these types of locations, a Polywood® plantation shutter is a smarter option. In other areas, the Roman window shade is a wonderful choice of window treatment with options for any style of home!

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