Special Residential Window Treatment Program For Home Designers In Gainesville

Searching for the missing piece to take your interior designs to new places? Interested in partnering with one of the most highly rated window treatment companies around?

Then the Sunburst Shutters Gainesville program is a perfect fit for you, giving you access to top of the line products and skilled installation from a window fashion company that’s been growing its business for 40 years.

We do business with numerous home designers to provide the best in window treatments, including blinds, shades, and shutters in homes across Gainesville and beyond. So you can rely on the high quality of our craftsmanship and the expert service we give your clients.

Lounge interior with hardwood floors and plantation shutters.

This special window treatment program has a commission incorporated into each job, and offers several benefits exclusive to Sunburst Shutters:

The highest quality window treatment products, guaranteed to last longer than products available anywhere else.

A vast array of style options, ensuring you can find the perfect window covering to complement your design.

The most recent trends in window fashion and design.

Local Gainesville installers offering the best in-home service available.

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What You Get Out Of The Sunburst Shutters Interior Designer Program

Top-Notch Quality

When homeowners demand the best window coverings, we deliver. Our line of plantation shutter products are engineered from material guaranteed to last as long as your client’s home.  Polywood® shutters can resist UV exposure and regular wear for decades, and keep their picture-perfect look.

With the Sunburst Interior Designer Program, all of our window treatments, from our industry-best shutters to drapes and sliding barn doors, are available to you.

The Largest Variety

Sunburst Shutters Gainesville, FL has all the window fashions you could ever want, with benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Polywood is chosen more than any other plantation shutter in America. Ovation® is the only five star rated wood shutter commercially available. We also offer sliding barn doors to be installed as window treatments or doors. And don’t forget about our shades, blinds, and other window coverings. You name it - it’s yours!

With Sunburst, you get access to a large array of quality window treatments, without having to do any comparisons.

The Hottest Interior Design Trends

When home designers asked for the latest window coverings, we obliged. Sliding barn doors, one of the trendiest contemporary home design additions, are now available to you from Sunburst. And some of our recent advances in engineering has enabled us to make and install shutters from reclaimed wood. So you can get the aged charm of that weathered wood look from your plantation shutters.

You can make use of these hot window treatment trends and more with this premier Sunburst program.

Products Customized to Your Needs

Windows can be in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, including triangular, arched, and bay windows. Window treatments should match that variety.

Whether you’re working on a commercial or a residential property, our professionals measure each window exactly and utilize advanced software to construct any shape of shutters for a precise fit. The installed shutters suit each corner or curve so that the window’s architecture is solid, and the shutter is easily used.

Local Gainesville Installers

For any creative vision, our experts can help you bring it to life. We know what homes benefit from the most in Gainesville. And we’ll give your projects all the care they need, no matter what.

We take care of every detail that goes into making and installing your client’s window coverings. That means you won’t need to worry about measuring windows, buying material, or installing anything. Our goal is to make you look good to your client. And we deliver on that front by ensuring you’re positively thrilled with the new window treatments.

These are just a few examples of our white glove service. And your clients are sure to delight at how incredible our window treatments look, and how effortless they are to use.

A Profitable Program

Whether you prefer a very hands-on approach with the process or just want to refer Sunburst, we have the program in place to fit your window treatment and commission needs.

Referral Program. You refer us to your client. We work and bill them directly. When the job is finished, you receive a standard commission*. That’s all there is to it.

Partnership Program. The partnership program starts with you contacting us about a job. We visit the house—typically with you—and act as your window covering partner. Then, we bill you the wholesale price, and you are able to bill your client for your services at a retail price you’re comfortable with. We are more than happy to work with you to set a price for our work that can make sure you earn a good profit on your design project. In this option, we have little direct communication with your client, and we work mainly on the back end with you.

Note: All designers need to register and complete a W9 form in order to be paid.

*Some variety in commission parameters and percentages may exist in stores across the country.

 Gainesville living room in white with plantation shutters.

Get Started With Us

We understand you have to be critical about what furnishings and decor you use in your clients’ homes. That’s why we’re prepared to stake our name alongside your own in providing for your clients’ happiness.

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